2021 Race for the Juniper Cup

Sunday, September 19. 

Morning tee times. 

Sign-up sheet in the pro shop.

Tie times will be the morning of Sunday, September 19th and playing groups will be assigned. Teams will be determined by handicap and divided into a Yellow and a Green teams. Everyone will be playing their own ball using the best ball format. Scorecards will be provided with the holes that players receive dots for their handicaps and the instructions for points. One net score per Team will be counted for the best ball on each hole. The Team with the best ball score will be awarded 1 point for the hole. If the Teams tie on a hole, each team receives 1/2 point. This continues for the first 9 holes. After 9 holes, the Team that has the most points will receive another point unless the Teams are tied. In that case, each Team will receive a 1/2 point.  After the second 9 holes, the Team that has the most points for that 9 holes will receive another point unless the Teams are tied. In that case, each Team will receive a 1/2 point.  1 extra point will be awarded for the winner of each match (total points) or 1/2 point for a tie.  There are a total of 21 points per match.
Also all players will use the forward/Wildcat tees on holes 1, 9, 11, and 13.

The Yellow Juniper CupTeam was victorious!


The first 9 holes were scramble.  The second 9 holes were alternate shot.  Each player teed off on the alternate shot and then chose which drive to use.  
Scoring instructions example:  If you tee off hole 2, then 2-10 are scramble.  If you tee off hole 5, then 5-13 are scramble, etc. 

1 point each hole was awarded.  Ties on a hole were1/2 point each.  1 extra point was awarded for the winner of each match or 1/2 point for a tie.  There was a total of 19 points per match.

Team  Handicap                   Name     Team  Handicap           Name
Green 11    Becky Bibro     Yellow 11    Brenda Shipp
  12    Linda Moore       13    Connie Wiard
Green 13    Teresa Prather     Yellow 14    Aggie Hampton
  14    Donna McNeil       15    Charlotte Nelson
Green 16    Kim Wooldridge     Yellow 18    Natalie Britton
  21    Debbie Wash       19    Terry Tracey
Green 24    Barb Reynolds     Yellow 24    Natalie Srutowski
  26    Jane Breidert       25    Susan Goins
Green 26    Glenda Abrams     Yellow 26    Carol Ferguson
  28    Sherry Ison       28    Billie Robinson
Green 29    Norma Wigglesworth     Yellow 29    Susan Spoonamore
  30    Billie Lee       30    Melinda Holbert
Green 32    Cathy Kays     Yellow 34    Sue Wood
  36    Janice Anglin       36    Carla Tillett
Green 37    Lee Ann May     Yellow 39    Pat House
  42    Jill Lancaster       40    Anne Hilen
Green 32    Carol Wiard (WC)     Yellow 38    Leigh Ann Bates (WC)
  45    Wanda Booth       40    PJ Johnson (WC)

Juniper Cup 2018 Results


Red team 5,485 points (Tara Clark, Julie Dwason, Lori Elder, Carol Ferguson, Nancy Furnish, Lisa Goins, Ruth Hinkle, Pat House, Donna McNeil, Dusty Nelson, Barbara Reynolds, Billie Robinson, Merri Lee Warren, Debbie Wash, and Denise Wentz)


Black team 5,415 points (Wanda Booth, Janie Breidert, Lida Brewer, Natalie Britton, Pauline Carr-Johnson, Elizabeth Coleman, Kem Delaney-Ellis, Shirley Dukes, Madison Elder, Susan Goins, Karen Jones, Charlotte Nelson, Teresa Prather, Dawn Redmon, and Terry Tracey)


Pink team 4,615 points (Cheryl Copley, Trinta Cox, Sharon Edwards, Lesa Hodge, Cathy Kays, Jennifer Opsata, Trina Rhoads, Mary Rhodes, Pam Rhodes, Shelby Smith, Susan Spoonamore, Fran Terhune, Carla Tillett, Connie Wiard, and Kim Wooldridge)


Blue team 4,435 points (Glenda Abrams, Donna Grimes, Aggie Hampton, Ally Harrod, Whitney Hines, Melinda Holbert, PJ Johnson, Jill LeMaster, Stacy McClellan, Vicky Nicholas, Audie Rodgers, Shirley Rodgers, Savannah Salchli, Gina Vaile-Neslon, and Sherry White)


Green team 4,175 points (Jenny Bannister, Becky Bibro, Jill Lancaster, Karen Liebman, Hillary McGoodwin, Tammy McMichael, Karen Pilcher, Tara Purvis, Rhoda Shaw, Tamy Teeter, Barbara Terrell, Kitty Werner, Norma Wigglesworth, Esther Wilhoyte, and Sue Wood)

Juniper Cup Team Awards-Color Game.pdf
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2018 Juniper Cup Kickoff-Individual Resu[...]
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2018 Juniper Cup Kickoff-Team Point Resu[...]
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2018 Juniper Cup Teams

Pink Team

Green Team


Blue Team


Black Team

(Bunker Babes)

Red Team

Kim Wooldridge,


Karen Pilcher,


Ally Harrod,


Teresa Prather,


Donna McNeil,


Copley, Cheryl

Bannister, Jenny

Abrams, Glenda

Booth, Wanda

Clark, Tara

Cox, Trinta

Bibro, Becky

Grimes, Donna

Breidert, Janie

Dawson, Julie

Edwards, Sharon

Lancaster, Jill

Hampton, Aggie

Brewer, Lisa

Elder, Jori

Hodge, Lesa

Liebman, Karen

Hines, Whitney

Britton, Natalie

Ferguson, Carol

Kays, Cathy

McGoodwin, Hillary

Holbert, Melinda

Carr-Johnson, Pauline

Furnish, Nancy

Opsata, Jennifer

McMichael, Tammy

Johnson, PJ

Coleman, Elizabeth

Goins, Lisa

Rhoads, Trina

Purvis, Tara

LeMaster, Jill

Delaney-Ellis, Kem

Hinkle, Ruth

Rhodes, Mary

Shaw, Rhoda

McClellan, Stacey

Dukes, Shirley

House, Pat

Rhodes, Pam

Terrell, Barbara

Nicholas, Vicky

Elder, Madison

Nelson, Dusty

Smith, Shelby

Teeter, Tamy

Rodgers, Audie

Goins, Susan

Reynolds, Barbara

Spoonamore, Susan

Werner, Kitty

Rodgers, Shirley

Jones, Karen

Robinson, Billie

Terhune, Fran

Wigglesworth, Norma

Salchi, Savannah

Nelson, Charlotte

Warren, Merri Lee

Tillett, Carla

Wilhoyte, Esther

Vaile-Nelson, Gina

Redmon, Dawn

Wash, Debbie

Wiard, Connie

Wood, Sue

White, Sherry

Tracey, Terry

Wentz, Denise


RACE for the 2017 Juniper Cup Winner - GANG GREEN!

Gang Green:                6572.5

Bunker Babes:             6555

Orange Crush:             6212.5

Blue Birdie Bombers:   5730

Each team was evenly divided with 19 players.  The Yellow Bunker Babes had 14 to play, Gang Green had 13, Orange Crush had 10 and the Blue Birdie Bombers had 8.  The final results were extremely close with only 17.5 points separating bragging rights for the first and second place teams!  Drum roll please...  The 2017 Juniper Cup Team winners is team GANG GREEN with a score of 6,572.5 points.  CONGRATS LADIES! 

Gang Green: LtoR: Dusty Nelson, Melinda Holbert, Robin Moore, Connie Wiard, Wanda Booth, Fran Terhune, Donna McNeil-Captain, Tara Clark, Jordan Harris, Carol Ferguson, Natalie Britton and Joanna Strange.

Bunker Babes: LtoR: Carla Tillett, Susan Goins, Michele Brown, Barbara Terrell, Donna Grimes, Debbie Wash, Karen Liebman, Adisyn Fox, Cathy Kays, Barbara Reynolds, Esther Wilhoyte, LeeAnn May, Elizabeth Smith and Teresa Prather-Captain

Juniper Cup Team Event - Results

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Championship Flight

1st – Emilie Hill                                   63                           Orange Crush

2nd – Tara Purvis                               69                           n/a

3rd – Becky Bibro                               72 (SCP)               Orange Crush

4th – Natalie Britton                           72 (SCP)               Gang Green


1st Flight

1st – Kim Wooldridge                        65                           Blue Birdie Bombers

2nd – Billie Robinson                        73                           Blue Birdie Bombers

3rd – Barbara Reynolds                   74                           Bunker Babes

4th – Joanna Strange                       75 (SCP)               Gang Green


2nd Flight

1st – Jordan Harris                            68                           Gang Green

2nd – Esther Wilhoyte                       70                           Bunker Babes

3rd – Audie Rodgers                         71                           Orange Crush

4th – Tammy McMichael                   76                           Blue Birdie Bombers


3rd Flight

1st – Madison Elder                          70                           Blue Birdie Bombers

2nd – Christine McGaughey            71                           n/a

3rd – Donna Grimes                         75 (SCP)               Bunker Babes

4th – Sherry White                             75 (SCP)               Orange Crush


4th Flight

1st – Ruth Hinkle                               66 (SCP)               Blue Birdie Bombers

2nd – LeeAnn May                             66                           Bunker Babes

Juniper Cup Team Event Results - 9-3-17.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [121.1 KB]

Juniper Cup 2017

The Juniper Cup is a season-long competition for members of the Juniper Hill Ladies Golf Club (JHLGC).  The purpose of this event is to promote women’s golf at Juniper Hill and to foster a closer bond among the members through a team competition regardless of skill level.

The Juniper Cup is strictly optional for all members of JHLGC.  There is no fee to join a team.  Team members will be awarded points based on participation and placing in weekly league play and events designated as Juniper Cup events. 

How to Sign Up?

  • Members will indicate on their membership form if they wish to sign up for a team or to volunteer to be a team captain. 
    • Team Captains are to encourage and actively interact with their teammates during the season. 
    • Members are encouraged to participate since teams are dependent on points. 
  • Members that participate in both the Wednesday Ladies League and the Thursday Late Swingers League must choose only one primary league to count for Juniper Cup purposes.


The deadline to be included for the Juniper Cup is May 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm. 

  • Even if a member declined to participate when they first sign up for JHLGC, then they may change their status for the Juniper Cup until the deadline. 

The tournament committee will oversee the selection of teams and team members by use of a blind draw.  Members will be notified of the date, time, and location for the draw. The procedure is as follows:

  • The tournament committee will determine the number of teams and team members per team based on the number of members wanting to participate in the Juniper Cup.  Teams will be established as evenly as possible.
  • Team captains will be selected by a blind draw from the names of the players wanting to be a captain. 
    • If there are more members that want to be team captain than teams to fill, then all names go into a blind draw.  Team captains will be the names of those first drawn up to the number of teams required. 
    • If there are fewer members that want to be team captain than teams to fill, then all names go into a blind draw.  Team captains will be the names of those first drawn.  The remainder of the teams without a preselected captain will meet individually and select their team captain from the members on the team.
  • Team captains, if present, will select their team colors by blind draw. Otherwise the tournament committee will determine
  • Team members will be selected in the following order:
    • 2016 Juniper cup participants with more than 400 points (possibly 31 players).
    • Past Juniper Cup participants that played the majority of the events.
    • Past Juniper Cup participants that routiney played in league but not weekend events.
    • The remainder of members that volunteered for the Juniper Cup by handicap index.
      • Any member without an established handicap index will be assigned a handicap index by the Handicap Committee and the Juniper Hill Golf Professional.
  • If the teams are not filled after the drawing, players may be added on a rotational basis until the teams are filled. 


  • Only the following events count towards the Juniper Cup:




May 13

Memorial Day Special: Individual Low Net

May 29

2-Person Team Net

June 17

July 4th Celebration: Red, White & Blue!

July 4

Match Play


Women’s Member-Member ($15 entry fee)

July 15-16

4-Person Team: Color Game

August 6


September 3

Ladies Club Championship

September 16-17

Haunting on the Hill (Rain date 10-14)

October 7



  • Only those weeks where both leagues played will count towards the Juniper Cup, unless weeks can be matched due to weather events.   No points will be awarded if play is called because of weather, except when leagues can be matched for attendance points.
  • Wednesday league’s Away Play does not count toward the Juniper Cup.
  • Wednesday league’s Match Play counts for participation points only.
  • Juniper Cup standings will be updated regularly and posted on the website.
  • The Juniper Cup team with the most points at the end of the event timeframe wins.

Here's how you win points:


Points Earned

Play in designated regular league


Win 1st  gross/net in league


Win 2nd gross/net in league


Win 3rd gross/net in league


Win 4th gross/net in league


Play in  JHLGC one-day event


Win 1st  gross/net in JHLGC one-day event


Win 2nd gross/net in JHLGC one-day event


Win 3rd  gross/net in JHLGC one-day event


Win 4th gross/net in JHLGC one-day event


Play in JHLGC two-day event


Win 1st gross/net in JHLGC two-day event


Win 2nd gross/net in JHLGC two-day event


Win 3rd gross/net in JHLGC two-day event 


Win 4th gross/net in JHLGC two-day event 


Play in JHLGC match play event (each match w/o forfeiting)


Champion match play flight


Runner up  match play flight


Champion  match play consolation flight


Runner up match play consolation flight


Play in Juniper Cup Team Event


First Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Second Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Third Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Fourth Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Fifth Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Sixth Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Seventh Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Eighth Team (lowest 5 net scores)


Team participation (all members must play in event)


The overall winners of the 2016 year-long Race for the Juniper Cup was team Black Magic by 135 points over Gang Green.  Black Magic team members were (Left to Right) Aggie Hampton-Team Captain, PJ Johnson, Connie Wiard, Lee Ann May, Pam Rhodes, Barbara Terrell, Christine McGaughey, Liz Smith, Shirley Rodgers, Becky Bibro, Carla Tillett, Carol Payton (kneeling), Sue Wood and Patty Conway.  Here are the final points standings:






1st Black Magic - 5535 points

2nd Gang Green- 5400

3rd Blue the Happy Hookers - 4670

4th Purple Rain Gals - 4100

5th Red Bunker Babes - 4042.5

6th Yellow Tweetie Birdies - 3965

7th Kinky Pinky Par-Tee Girls - 3717.5


For the players that had paid for the August but did not play in this event, the funds will be refunded by gift certificate.  Those players are Glenda Abrams, Pauline Carr, Robin Cotten, Tonya Courtney, Nancy Furnish, Jordan Harris, Leitha Harris, Stacey McClellan, Christine McGaughey, Tammy McMichael, Dusty Nelson, Vicky Nicholas, Trina Rhoads, Pam Rhodes, Julie Ryan, Liz Smith, Susan Spoonamore, Reagan Toothaker, Merri Lee Warren, and Kim Wooldridge.  Gift Certificates and skins money should be available by Monday.


Thank you all for making this year a success.  Special thanks to Kirk Schooley our beloved Pro and the rest of the JHLGC Tournament Committee. 

Juniper Hill Golf Course

800 Louisville Road

Frankfort, KY 40601

Pro Shop: (502) 875-8559


PGA Professional

  Kirk Schooley


As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. ~ Ben Hogan

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