Wednesday Ladies Day Golf League

2022 JHLGC Spring Organizational Meeting 

March 8, 2022 @ 5:30 pm

  Location/format TBD.

2022 JHLGC membership form.pdf
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2021 Schooley Bucks.pdf
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JH Wednesday League EOY Winners - 2021


Medalist Elaine Cloud 156   $30  
Overall Low Net Teresa Prather 149   $30  
First Flight          
1st Gross Aggie Hampton 169   $20  
2nd Gross Brenda Shipp 172   $15  
1st Net Connie Wiard 151   $20  
2nd Net Julie Dawson 154   $15  
Low Putts Charlotte Nelson 61   $5  
Second Flight          
1st Gross Lisa Brewer 188   $20 SCP
2nd Gross Moore, Robin 188   $15  
1st Net Susan Goins 153   $20  
2nd Net Pam Rhodes 154   $15  
Low Putts Barb Reynolds 61   $5  
Third Flight          
1st Gross Sherry Ison 203   $20 SCP
2nd Gross Shirley Rodgers 203   $15  
1st Net Billie Robinson 155   $20  
2nd Net Dawn Redmon 156   $15  
Low Putts Shirley Wilhoite 62   $5  
Fourth Flight          
1st Gross Elizabeth Coleman 208   $20  
2nd Gross Linda Magee 213   $15  
1st Net Donna Grimes 154   $20  
2nd Net Dionne Fields 159   $15 SCP
Low Putts Wise, Bonnie 64   $5  
Fifth Fligth          
1st Gross Nina Sue Rice 194   $20  
1st Net Ruth Hinkle 160   $20  
Low Putts Helen Hawkins 66   $5  
One can only win one prize, so low putts would go to someone else.
  Nina Sue Rice     $10  
Low Putts Rose Caudle 20   $20  
  Donna Grimes 20   $20  
  Sherry White 20   $20  
Most Improved Ringer Shirley Rodgers 34.60%   $20  
  130 to 85 (45)        
Low Ringer Connie Goins 58   $20  
Most Improved Golfer for 2021
Most Improved Golfer Stacey McClellan     $25  
(Handicap) 34.6 to 29.4 (1.126)        
  Marcie Mathews        
  19.8 to 16.6 (1.112)        
2021 JHLGC membership form.pdf
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2021 Wednesday Operating Guidelines.pdf
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We WILL be playing out of the bunkers.  You do not have to use the rake if you don't want to.  Because some people may still feel uncomfortable about raking the bunker and do not rake, you are allowed to place your ball within a club length (no closer to the hole) in the bunker.   This allows you to have a lie that is not impacted by foot prints, divots, etc. that may be in the bunker.  


Rule 19.3 - When your ball is in a bunker, you may take unplayable ball relief using one of four options.  
1.  For one penalty stroke, the player may take stroke-and-distance relief.
2.  For one penalty stroke, the player may take back-on-the-line relief in the bunker.
3.  For one penalty stroke, the player may take lateral relief in the bunker.
4.  For a total of two penalty strokes, the player may take back-on-the-line relief outside the bunker based on a reference line going straight back from the hole through the spot of the original ball.
At this time at Juniper, only option 1 and 4 is used in our league.  Because of limited use of rakes, option 2 and 3 will not be a stoke penalty until further notice.
If you have a 2019 Rules of Golf manual, there is a really good diagram on page 119 that makes it a whole lot easier to understand.


JH Wednesday League EOY Winners - 2020
Medalist Connie Goins
Overall Low Net Carol Payton
First Flight  
1st Gross Linda Moore
2nd Gross Connie Wiard
1st Net Charlotte Pyles
2nd Net Julie Dawson
Low Putts Judy Halasek
Second Flight  
1st Gross Margaret Whittet
2nd Gross Janice Anglin
1st Net Shirley Rodgers
2nd Net Billie Lee
Low Putts Audie Rodgers
Third Flight  
1st Gross Dawn Redmon
2nd Gross Cathy Kays
1st Net Dionne Fields
2nd Net Dusty Nelson (SCP)
Low Putts Glenda Abrams
Fourth Flight  
1st Gross Helen Hawkins
2nd Gross Anne Hilen
1st Net Ruth Hinkle
2nd Net Donna Greer
Low Putts PJ Johnson &
  Fran Terhune
Glenda Abrams, Janice Anglin
Connie Goins, Helen Hawkins
Anne Hilen, Ruth Hinkle  
Sherry Ison, Cathy Kays  
Dusty Nelson, Carol Payton
Char Pyles, Nina Sue Rice
Fran Terhune  
Most Chip-ins Cathy Kays
  Fran Terhune
Low Putts Susan Goins
  Cathy Kays
  Fran Terhune
Most Improved Ringer Dionne Fields
Low Ringer Connie Goins
Most Improved Golfer for 2020
Most Improved Golfer Cheryl Copley
The Wednesday Ladies season will officially 
end with a scramble on October 14.
Wednesday Operating Guidelines 2020.pdf
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2020 JHLGC membership form.pdf
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April 14 is first day of Wednesday Ladies Day golf league.

April is "Make Your Own Foursome" each week. Tee times will be assigned.


May begins the monthly format rotation: Flighted, ABCD, Make Your Own Foursome and Draw.  Tee times will be assigned.

The Juniper Hill Wednesday Ladies Day Golf League was established in the late 50’s.  Our goal is to promote competitive 18-hole play for ladies with an established USGA Handicap and to promote friendship and camaraderie.  We have various formats of play each week and Match Play in the month of July.  We participate in various tournaments sponsored by the Juniper Hill Ladies Golf Club.  We also sponsor an invitational tournament, “The Juniper” which draws the best women golfers in Kentucky, Indiana and southern Ohio.

April is "Make Your Own Foursome" each week. Tee times will be made.

May begins the monthly format rotation: Flighted, ABCD, Make Your Own Foursome and Draw. Tee times will be made.


June - Tee times will be made.


September - Tee times will be made.


LAST DAY OF PLAY - October 3 (Scramble/Awards/Luncheon)

The Wednesday Ladies league had their final outing and awards on Wednesday (10/2/19). 


The results of the August Tournament are as follows:

Medalist - Overall Gross


Elaine Cloud

Overall Low Net


Ruth Hinkle


1st Flight:


1st Low Gross:


Linda Moore

2nd Low Gross:


Brenda Shipp

1st Low Net:


Charlotte Pyles

2nd Low Net:


Connie Wiard

Low Putts:


Aggie Hampton


2nd Flight:


1st Low Gross:


Rose Caudle

2nd Low Gross:


Susan Goins

1st Low Net:


Barb Reynolds

2nd Low Net:


Sherry Ison

Low Putts:


Glenda Abrams


3rd Flight:


1st Low Gross:


Karen Liebman

2nd Low Gross:


Carolyn Sheffield

1st Low Net:


Carol Payton

2nd Low Net:


Audie Rodgers

Low Putts: (tie)


Margaret Hanly


Nina Sue Rice

4th Flight:


1st Low Gross:


Helen Hawkins

2nd Low Gross:


Shirley Dukes

1st Low Net:


Donna Grimes

2nd Low Net:


Anne Hilen

Low Putts:


Pat House


Wildcat Flight:


1st Low Gross:


Janet Green

1st Low Net:


Rose Tomlinson

Low Putts:(tie)


PJ Johnson


Fran Terhune


2015 Wednesday Ladies League Officer Dut[...]
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2021 League Officers

Chair:  Ruth Hinkle

Vice Chair: Carla Tillett

      Secretary:  Susan Goins    Treasurer:  PJ Johnson


Away Play

Match Play

"The Juniper": Aggie Hampton & Debbie Wash

         Remembrance and Phone: Barbara Reynolds        

Rules: Lisa Goins

Juniper Hill Golf Course

800 Louisville Road

Frankfort, KY 40601

Pro Shop: (502) 875-8559


PGA Professional

  Kirk Schooley


As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. ~ Ben Hogan

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