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                                 Most Improved Player Criteria

The Late Swingers Ladies Golf League uses the USGA recommended method for determining our Most Improved Player. This formula is found in Appendix H of “The USGA Handicap System” manual.


Appendix H. Method for Determining Most Improved Player

The USGA recommended method for determining a club's most improved player at the end of a season or year is as follows:


Add 12* to the player's Handicap Index at the start of the season. This is value A. Add 12 to the player's Handicap Index at the end of the season. This is value B. Divide value A by value B, calculating to three decimal places. This is the improvement factor. The player with the highest improvement factor should receive the most improved player award.



Starting Handicap Index: 22.6

Ending Handicap Index: 17.4

Value A: 22.6 + 12 = 34.6

Value B: 17.4 + 12 = 29.4

A / B: 34.6 / 29.4 = 1.177

Improvement Factor: 1.177

Continue this process for every player who improved during the year. The player with the highest improvement factor is the most improved player. Note: Add 6* instead of
12 in the case of a nine-hole Handicap Index (N).  *The numbers 6 and 12 have been determined by the USGA as equitable in gauging the improvement of players encompassing the entire spectrum of handicaps. For example, it is relatively the same improvement factor to go from a 20.0 to a 10.0 Handicap Index (improvement factor of 1.454) as it is to go from a 5.0 to a scratch, or zero Handicap Index (improvement factor of 1.416), yet the change in Handicap Index is "10" (20 - 10) versus "5" (5 - 0) strokes. The numbers of 6 and 12 take into consideration the level of a player's improvement rather than the net change in Handicap Index.


“The USGA Handicap System” manual is available to view online at



2020 - Adisyn Fox

2019 - Adisyn Fox

2018 - Adisyn Fox

2017 - Natalie Thomas

2016 - Allison Harrod

2015 - Cami Montgomery

2014 - Lori Elder

2013 - Allison Harrod

2012 - Ashley Stevens

2011 - Donna McNeil
2010 - Shelby Wooldridge
2009 - Megan Kinney
2008 - Teresa Prather
2007 - Paige Coleman
2006 - Michele Brown
2005 - Megan Brewer
2004 - Glenda Abrams
2003 - Glenda Abrams

2002 - Sue Wood

2001 - Laura Pyles

2000 - Donna Hopkins

1999 - Meribeth Gaines & Stephanie Gosser

1998 - Elaine Butler

1997 - Martha Sudduth

1996 - Jennifer Sullivan                                                                    

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