Wednesday Ladies Day Golf League

League Rules

Wednesday Operating Guidelines-2022.pdf
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Scorecard Rules

  1. Print full name with your local number (this is the two or three digit number beside your name on your handicap card).
  2. Record putts on the next line of the score card for better reading.
  3. Total your score showing handicap, gross and net score and total putts.
  4. Date, sign and have another golfer attest card.
  5. Circle Chip-ins on score card and on the Chip-in sign-up sheet.
  6. Turn in card to Chairperson.

Wednesday Ladies Day League – Rules & Regulations


  1. Fees must be paid in full to compete for and/or collect a prize.
  2. A member must have played at least five Ladies Days to be eligible to win in the final tournament (best 2 rounds in August – 36 holes*).
  3. *THE JUNIPER score counts for the August Tournament.
  4. Guests and visitors are welcome to play at any time.
  5. New players without GHIN handicap will have a 40 handicap until a   GHIN handicap can be established. Members are required to join the GHIN system.
  6. Ladies Day competition will be flighted by handicap, with 1st low gross, 1st low net, 2nd low gross and 2nd low net per flight. First low gross and low net earns 1.0 point (stars) and 2nd low gross and net earns .5 point (stars). Ties for low gross – scorecard playoff starting on hardest handicap hole. Ties for low net – Person with lowest handicap wins; if same handicap – scorecard playoff starting on hardest handicap hole.
  7. If a lady wins two Ladies Days in succession, she is not eligible to win a prize the next Ladies Day she plays.
  8. The final Ladies Day tournament will award the following prizes:
    1. Medalist - Overall Low Gross
    2. Overall Low Net
    3. Low Gross - Each Flight
    4. Low Net - Each Flight
    5. Low Putts - Each Flight

Additional prizes may be added by the tournament committee. A player may win only one prize in the final tournament.

      9.     Awards will be given for:

                        RINGER SHEET - Low Ringer - Low Putts - Most Improved Ringer

                        Stars - Birdies - Chip-ins

                        Most Improved Golfer (based on improved handicap)

Additional prizes may be added by the Awards Committee.

    10.     You must play with at least one other Ladies Day member to be eligible to win Ladies

               Day prizes. Must play on Wednesday.

    11.     Duplicate awards will be given in case of ties for Season:

                                Low Putts – Low Ringer – Most chip-ins

    12.     All 18-hole score cards will be posted for GHIN handicap.

    13.     If raining at initial tee time, there will be maximum 30-minute delay before canceling

              competition for the day.

    14.    When on the green, continue putting unless you are in another player’s line.

    15.    Drainage ditches shall be played as hazards – Penalty, drop back – 1 stroke. (Note: If you

              take a penalty stroke, you get 2 club lengths.)

    16.    Lost and Out of Bounds – A ball is out of bounds when all of it lies       beyond the inside

              line of Out of Bounds Markers. A ball is lost if not       found within 5 minutes of

              searching. If you think a ball may be lost or out of bounds, play a provisional ball. (You

              must tell fellow players what you are doing and hit it prior to looking for the first ball.)

              Penalty –   stroke & distance

Stroke – hitting first shot

Stroke – hitting second shot from original lie

Stroke – penalty stroke


    17.     No Penalty Areas – Flower beds - move back 2 club lengths but do not improve line.

               Staked trees - take swing relief and move ball so that tree is not in line of flight of ball.

               Rocks behind #3 green and screen on #9 tee - drop but do not improve line. Area behind

               #15 green - go to nearest point of relief and drop. Ball landing on wrong green or tee -

               move back. In all of these situations, you cannot move the ball closer to the hole.

    18.    All flights will use the “one-drop” rule in the rough. This means that at any time, before

              each shot, you have the option to hit the ball as it lies or take a drop (1 club length)

              under USGA rules without penalty. No drop will be allowed when your ball lies in a

              hazard or within a club length of a tree trunk, fence or an out of bounds marker. (Your

              longest club should be used to determine the distance.) When a ball is allowed to be

              dropped, it shall not be moved nearer to the hole; to get relief from a natural

              obstruction; from rough to fairway; or to any cut of the green. If the ball rolls closer to

              the hole or more than 2 clubs lengths away when dropped, drop again. If it still rolls

              closer to the hole or away, you may place it. This rule is to be used in the rough or

              another fairway. You may still roll the ball in your own fairway (1 open score card


     19.   Play front (Red) or “Ladies” tee markers at all times.

     20.   In case of “casual water” or other unnatural conditions on the green, you may place your

              ball at the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.

     21.   If you miss the ball, you must count it as a stroke.

     22.   Soft spikes are required.



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PGA Professional

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