Entering Scores

Entering Scores:

The handicap system lists KY as having a golf season from Mar 1-Nov 30.  If you play outside of those dates, you do not have to enter any scores.  
Those states that have a year round season include FL, MS, GA, AL, LA, NC, SC, VA, TN, AR, AZ, TX, OK, HI - mostly warmer climates.  May you be able to play in some of these states this winter.  If you do, please post those scores.
If you need to edit or delete a score, please contact Sue Wood at

Your Handicap Maximum Strokes Allowed Per Hole
9 or less double bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 or more 10

For example, if you have a handicap of 25 and during a round at Juniper, you took 13 strokes on hole 1, when you enter your score, it will automatically adjust to 8. 

For courses other than JHGC, you only enter the final score - not hole by hole. Therefore, you must remember to adjust your score before entering it into the system. 


If you need assistance in entering your scores, please contact any of your league's officers.


Golf is a game of integrity. Please ensure that your handicap is accurate. 

For both the Wednesday Ladies Day and Late Swingers leagues, your scores from league play will be entered for you into the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN).  For the most accurate handicap, all scores should be entered, even those that are not especially pleasant to you. 

All tournament scores with stroke play (this exempts scrambles and shambles) will be posted by the Joint League Committee.  Those scores will appear on your GHIN record as a T.

USGA regulations require that you post a score in some situations even if you didn't complete your round.  If you play 12 holes, you are required to post a 9 hole score (you can do this on the computer at Juniper Hill or online at  If you play 13 holes, you are to fill in the remaining holes with your most likely score and post an 18 hole score.  Your most likely score is defined as the score you make on a particular hole more than 50% of the time.

Should you play outside of league play, including courses other than Juniper, you are responsible for entering that score so the GHIN information is updated correctly.  When entering a score at Juniper, the GHIN system will automatically show you the correct ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) for each hole.  Your ESC numbers are based on your handicap.

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