Tournament Formats

2022 Tournament Rules and Formats


You MUST play with at least one JHGLC member to be eligible to win. 


Scorecards must be signed & attested.  Inaccurate or incomplete scorecards may result in disqualification.


Golf Course Rules:

USGA rules will apply with the following exceptions: 1) The golf ball may be moved one scorecard length through the green (fairway & roughs) no closer to the hole; 2) All mulched areas are treated as ground under repair and you MUST take relief.  This includes young trees and decorative areas around tees and greens.

Water hazards are defined by yellow and red lines.
The area to the immediate right of and behind #15 green is NO longer defined as ground under repair.  The area is now considered rough.

Out of Bounds is defined by boundary fences.  Also, there is an on-course OB defined by stake posts left of #16.  The white line over #5 green and behind #6 tee also defines out of founds. 

When the ball is between the red fence posts along the cart path and the fence on #11, you have the option of playing it as it lies or you may take cart path relief to the right of the cart path without penalty. There is no drop zone.

On hole #13, after hitting 2 balls into the water/hazard, a player MAY elect to use the designated drop area (to the left of the green, just beyond the foot bridge) and hit from there with an additional one-stroke penalty. To record your score, you take the score you had before hitting into the water, add 5 strokes for the water penalty and then add the strokes you make from the drop zone forward.


All skill levels are encouraged to participate in JHLGC events.  Starting with the 2015 season all players will be defined by Handicap Division.  The purpose of this structure is to provide more opportunities for the less experienced golfers to gain tournament exposure and to encourage all skill levels to participate in events prior to the Ladies Club Championship.




Only one Division will be used for individual stroke play events as described below.


For all events (i.e, stroke play, scramble, member/member), ladies will play together and use their course handicap by tee color for Flight determination as necessary.


The Division may contain multiple Flights dependent upon the number of players participating. Players may declare up one Flight and shall play with the highest handicap in that Flight.

Flights and other group event details will be determined by the appropriate Chair of each League or event.


Division Membership:

Members with a handicap index of 53 or less will play from the Red tees.


Members with Handicap index of 54 or those receiving approval from the Handicap Committee will play from the Wildcat tees.  


For tournaments, players shall complete each hole (circle 10s are not allowed).


Participants may declare down one Division but will not be eligible for prizes.  Juniper Cup individual participation points will apply but the team bonus points will not apply.


Juniper Cup - The Juniper Cup is now a season-long team competition where team members earn points throughout the season for the team's score.  See Juniper Cup information for more details.


What's the Point – Individual standard stroke play with points awarded for specific accomplishments or deducted for specific mishaps. Winner is the person who accumulates the most points.


Pink Ball Scramble – Team event with unique rules. In teams of three or four, each member plays their own ball and one plays the pink ball.  Play continues with each player taking turns with the play of the pink ball.  The lowest pink ball score and the lowest aggregate team score take the award.  Mind you if you lose the colored ball, you're out!


Flag – Low net with a twist:  Each player’s handicap will be added to the course par (74 for 18 holes and 37 for 9 holes) for a stroke limit. (For example: If your handicap is 26, you will be given a 100 stroke limit).  Each player will be given a flag with their name.  Players then start regular stroke play from the same tee, keeping a running total of their score.  Once they have reached their stroke limit, they must place their flag on that spot on the course.  For example, if your tee shot on 18 is your 100th stroke, you will place your flag where your ball was on the tee shot.  Players who reach their stroke limit before 18 holes are completed may still finish their round as long as their flag has been placed at the correct location.  If a player still has strokes remaining after 18 holes, they should return to the starting tee and continue playing until all strokes are exhausted.  The winner will be the player whose flag has gone the furthest on the course.


Match Play – Ladies will be assigned a "Match" and the winner will advance to the next bracket.  Match play rules will be provided, and handicaps will be used to determine stokes given, if any.  Matches must be completed prior to the beginning of the next round start date.  Participants will schedule their own tee times.


Frankfort City Championship – This event is sponsored by JHGC Pro, Kirk Schooley. There are a limited number of participants allowed, so be sure to sign up early. Handicap maximum is 36 for this event.


Red/White/BlueKat – Individual low net stroke play with a twist: ladies will select 6 holes (0 to 39 handicaps) or 3 holes (40 plus handicaps) to tee from the red, white and bluekat tees.  Handicaps for the red tees will be used to determine flight winners.


Club Fundraiser (Event Name to be determined) – This 2-person team event, consisting of one male and one female player, is open to teams from all courses as long as players have an established GHIN handicap.  Handicap maximum of 36 applies individual players.. Format is to be determined.  Friday play is a practice round with dinner and an auction afterwards.  Tournament play will be on Saturday.


Member/Member and Mixed Member/Member – Each is comprised of 2-person teams and includes 4 different 9-hole formats over 2 days.  Member/member is 2 males or 2 females playing as a team.  The 4 formats are: 2-person scramble, true alternate shot, best ball and combined net.  Mixed member/member follows the same format, but the teams are made up of 1 male and 1 female.  Handicap limit is 40 for this event.


Individual Low Net – This event is standard stroke play, with gross score being subtracted from handicap to determine net score.


Charity Fundraiser – Will be a scramble-type format and open to all players. Proceeds will support a charity chosen by the Tournament Committee.  Lunch will be provided.  More information will be forthcoming.


Labor Day Combined – At the request of Kirk Schooley, this scramble team event will consist of JHGA and JHLGC members.


Ladies Club Championship – This two-day tournament is individual stoke play by flights.  Awards will be given for both gross and net scores.


Haunting on the Hill – Each player of a 4-member team will play their own ball.   Upon reaching the green, there will be a pumpkin, cat, skeleton or some "haunting" thing that tells you how many scores (1, 2, 3 or 4) will be used to calculate your team score for that hole.  Record the individual score.  Calculate the team score hole-by-hole.

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